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Mandy M.

I was at a yoga class. The teacher and I got to talking after class and she mentioned that she has a crazy schedule so she picks up bartending shifts on Hyr so that she can earn extra money but focus on being a yoga teacher as her primary job.

Liezl S.

I heard about Hyr through Instagram ads when you first started! I thought it was a great idea and applied. I’ve done tons of shifts through Hyr and I’ve enjoyed each one of them! Thank you! :).

Agatha C.

I heard about Hyr from a friend who I was working an event with. When I got home that night I downloaded the app and started working on my profile, then followed Hyr on Instagram and Facebook!  I love this app.

Julie T.

I have enjoyed working with Hyr because of the flexibility and the chance to put myself into new opportunities that could further my career.

Drew M.

I had heard about Hyr through an article and decided to give it a try.  I was looking for a side job and Hyr provided me with an option that was flexible and easy.  I can work where I want, and according to my schedule.

Kevin J.

I #workit with Hyr to help out with my habit of going on adventures!

Mary P.