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Do I keep my tips?

Businesses are strongly encouraged to include information about tips in the “special instructions” field of their posted shifts. If the information is not included, and you are accepted for the shift, we highly recommend you ask the business in advance how they will handle tips. Some businesses may choose to pay a higher hourly rate instead of tips.

How do I get paid?

All payments will be processed immediately following your shift and sent to you within 3 business days via Stripe. Stripe is a global online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe.

Is there a rating system?

Yes. Users rate each other at the end of every shift.

How do I make my profile stand out?

Wanna Get Noticed? Stand out from the crowd by taking a few seconds to add photos, work history, and social media accounts to your profile. You can do this within the Settings field of your Hyr app. A whopping 97% of pros that are accepted for shifts on Hyr have a fully completed profile.

What about training?

You’ll only see shifts that align with your interests, including your skill set, experience level, rate of pay requirements, and certifications. Some projects may include special training before or during a shift. That’s something you can figure out in advance with the business.

What’s the deal with UPoints?

Collect 2 UPoints every shift for each $1 earned. Save them for that next big thing, or redeem 2,500 UPoints for a paid UDay worth $75. It’s our way of saying thank you!

Does Hyr comply with labor and employment laws?

How will I be notified of shifts?

That’s up to you! The best way to be notified is to make sure your push notifications are turned on. That way you will be notified right away of any newly posted shifts which match your profile. We also notify you of shifts by email and SMS.

I’ve applied to a shift and it says “pending.” When will I know if I was selected?

We encourage businesses to make timely decisions and select Pros quickly. That said, sometimes it does take a little longer for them to decide. If you have applied to a shift, and you are no longer interested, simply remove your application.

What happens if I have accepted a shift and I need to cancel?

Any cancellations or no shows will appear on your Hyr profile. At Hyr, we expect that Pros using the Hyr platform only apply to shifts which they are truly interested in, and are available to work. Cancelled shifts severely damage the Hyr brand, and future opportunity for you and others to be accepted for shifts.

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How does Hyr screen Pros?

Pros agree to abide by Hyr's Terms of Service, User Agreements, and Privacy Policy in order to use the platform. Moreover, there is a ratings and accountability system on each side of the platform. All Pros on the Hyr platform are independent contractors, which means they are essentially self-employed. By posting a shift, you are offering them the booking, and they decide whether they will apply to the shift. As a business, you have the power to choose from Pros who apply to your shift. In order to make your selection you can access Pros work history, photos, social media accounts, ratings and history/accountability with the Hyr platform.

Does Hyr have insurance?

Hyr insures shifts for up to $1M for commercial general liability and employment practices coverage.

How much does Hyr cost?

The hourly rate of pay you select for the shift is an all-in cost. That hourly rate includes taxes, insurance, payroll – everything that is part of your traditional workforce's loaded hourly rate. For your information, it is estimated that your loaded hourly rate is 40% of your employees hourly wage. That means if you are paying $10 per hour, your businesses is paying $14 an hour every time your employee is working as a loaded rate.

Is there a ratings system?

Yes. Users rate each other at the end of every shift. We believe that accountability is important.

What about training?

You'll only see interested Pros that meet the requirements you set for the shift, including the skill, experience level, and rate of pay. You may also choose to give special training before or during a shift. That's something you and your Pro can figure out in advance.

Do Pros keep their tips?

We encourage you to let Pros keep their tips at the end of a shift, if that shift traditionally includes tips – unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. We think it motivates them to work that much harder. But you may choose to pay a higher hourly rate instead of tips. It's up to you. A best practice is to include this information in the “special instructions” field of your shift.

What kind of skills do we have?

The front-of-house and back-of-house hospitality skills available on Hyr include: Bar Back, Barista, Bartender, Bottle Server, Brand Ambassador, Busser, Cashier, Coat Check Attendant, Dishwasher, Drive Thru Cashier, Food Runner, Fry Cook, Garnisher, Grill Cook, Guest List Attendant, Host/Hostess, Kitchen Assistant, Line Cook, Nightclub Dancer, Prep Cook, Promo Model, Server, Server Assistant, Short Order Cook, VIP Host, and Washroom Clerk.

The retail skills available on Hyr include: Brand Ambassador, Cashier, Customer Service, Promo Model, Sales Associate, Stock Associate.

Looking for a skill that is not listed? Contact us at info@hyr.work.

Does Hyr comply with labor and employment laws?

Absolutely. Hyr complies with all labor and employment laws. All Pro's using Hyr are classified as independent 1099 contractors.

How does payment work?

You will provide your credit card details to Stripe, the payment service provider retained by Hyr – Stripe is a global online payment processor that is trusted by thousands of businesses across the globe. After a shift has been completed, you'll be responsible for paying to Hyr the invoice for that shift, which will include the pricing terms of the shift agreed with and provided by the Pro. Hyr then pays the Pro following the shift.

What's the deal with UPoints?

Free labor is our way of saying thank you! Collect 1 UPoint every shift for each $1 paid. Then redeem 2,500 UPoints for a paid UDay worth $50, which is credited towards your payment.

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