Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Temp Workers’ Customer Service Skills

Think you don’t need to train customer-facing temp workers or seasonal staff? Think again.

Even during the busy holiday season, when consumers are in a rush, they still expect a high level of customer service. Your seasonal or temp workers may not be long term, but if you don’t train them to be able to delight your customers then the customers may not be long term either.

This post looks at the standard customers expect from your workers, and how to ensure temporary workers gets up to that standard quickly.

What Customers Look for in Service

In the era of online shopping and easy home food delivery, impeccable customer service is more important than ever. Welcoming gig workers into your staff is a great solution for businesses that need extra hands, but they also need to be trained to provide the same level of service you would expect from your more permanent workers.

Here are some of the traits you need to instill in all your workers – temporary or not.

Friendly and Personalized Customer Service

All temp workers put in a lot of effort, but some are going to be a better fit for your business than others. As you work with on-demand workers, make sure to select the ones who are enthusiastic and best represent your brand.

These workers will be easy to train to put on the charm with customers, making them feel at ease. It is helpful if they already have a foundation in transforming a transaction into a conversation that feels natural and gives the customer confidence in giving you their business.

Make Customers Feel Included

As soon as a customer walks into your business, they should feel part of an experience. Your workers are integral in creating this feeling.

Workers must not only look the part of the business, but fully represent it in their words and actions. Those who are very skilled at customer service can transport a customer away from their own world into a mindset where your business will make their lives better – in even just a small way.


All of your workers should know your products and brand, and that includes your temp workers. When a customer asks a question, your workers should know all the features of your product and why it is beneficial. More, if they learn what the customer needs they can upsell when appropriate, while also making the customer feel they made an intelligent choice.

Helping Your Temp Workers Delight Customers

Temp workers come to you having already developed many of the customer service skills required to excel at the job you need them for. You just need to give them a primer on what is expected from your brand and provide them with opportunities to learn and succeed.

Provide Training

When you are bringing gig workers into your business you will want to get them up to speed quickly. Chances are they already have a background in retail or hospitality and won’t need too much skill training. You will need to focus on quickly training your temporary retail workers on your products and expectations for customer service.

If you have a corporate training program for entry-level staff, consider creating a modified shorter version for temp workers. Alternatively, you might choose to focus on a temp worker on very specific duties, saving the need to train them holistically in your business.

You will also want to implement a buddy system, having them shadow a mentor so that they can learn the ropes quickly. Having a personal connection with someone on the job will also help them feel more invested in the business.

For some tips on training seasonal employees, check out retail consultant Bob Phibb’s guide on getting seasonal employees up to speed.

Create Trust

Given the temporary nature of gig workers, you and your staff could easily make no effort to make them feel included or manage them effectively. However, if you don’t make an effort to help temp workers feel included you could soon find that enthusiasm and quality of work begin to slide.

Be sure to include gig workers during staff meetings and recognize their successes along with everyone else. Ensure they are given enough direction to best do their jobs, and also make sure you also relate that questions about how to best do their jobs are encouraged.

Give Honest Feedback

Another reason to fully support your gig workers is ensuring that their customer interactions are at the standard you expect from all workers.

Regular constructive feedback is a must. You had established at the outset what you expect from your workers, and this feedback should explain how they can improve to best meet that standard.

Of course, you should also make an effort to recognize and celebrate successes for all of your workers, including gig workers. By making your temporary workers feel included in this way, they will be much more likely to return the next time you need temporary work which cuts down on training requirements in the future.

Supporting Your Temp Workers Success

The best way you can get top-notch performance out of your temp workers is to ensure they are not working in a vacuum. Though the intention is to not keep them on permanently, fostering relationships with these skilled workers will make sure they provide the best possible work for you and promotes a healthy workplace.

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