Seasonal Work Celebrations: The Importance Of Showing Your Workers You Appreciate Them

Worker Appreciation: Why It Is Important

The holiday season is in full swing and while your customers may be in the festive spirit, unfortunately, the same might not be said for your team. Working in the hospitality industry during the festive period is one of the busiest times of the year and certainly isn’t all snowflakes and sparkles for you or your staff. The Christmas season can test a lot of people’s morales and performance levels. That’s why providing seasonal work celebrations is a must, especially in terms of worker appreciation.

Showing your workers that you appreciate them for all the hard work that they do around the holiday season has been proven to not only boost performance levels but also, satisfaction. All shift workers, whether temporary or permanent, deserve to be shown that they are valued and appreciated. When done correctly, it can instantly uplift the atmosphere of your working environment.

So, while the month of December may a busy work period for many restaurants and hotels, make sure that your staff will feel truly appreciated at your annual holiday staff party.

Top Ideas For Seasonal Work Celebrations

There are many great ways to show your workers that you appreciate them at your work celebrations this festive season. Below, we list some of the top ideas that you can do over the holidays that will make your team feel truly valued.

Give A Personalized Thank You Gift

Many people often undervalue how special a personalized thank you gift really is. Even the simple act of writing a personalized note for a staff worker can add an extra sense of importance to what is being said. Make sure that you highlight your staff workers strengths, good qualities and acknowledge the successes that they have had during the year. If you know your workers and their interests well enough, consider getting them a small token gift of something that they will truly enjoy. Even the smallest gesture of appreciation can do wonders for boosting your team’s well-being, spirits and sense of purpose in your business.

Provide A Festive Feast

Everyone enjoys food as a sign of appreciation and what better way to do it than providing your team with a festive feast. Sitting down all together to acknowledge and recognize all the hard work that has been achieved throughout the year over some seasonal culinary dishes is great, not only from an appreciation aspect but also from a teamwork one. Make sure that you can organize it for a time that everyone is available so that they can fully enjoy the meal and provide vegetarian and gluten-free options so that nobody will be left out.

Plan Seasonal Activities

Including activities as part of your holiday staff party is a great way to show worker appreciation. Consider starting an annual ‘Secret Santa’ tradition so that not only can you show your staff workers how much they valued but also, co-workers can show how much they appreciate each other. Planning other activities such as festive karaoke or fun group activities like an escape room is another great way of showing your appreciation during your seasonal work celebrations.

Show Your Appreciation This Festive Season

Your hospitality team is extremely valuable and this should be made known to them. Seasonal work celebrations are an opportunity for everybody to acknowledge the great jobs they have done and to fully enjoy themselves. So, why not celebrate your team the better way this season by hiring seasonal workers to take over for the night? This year Hyr are offering 50% off all shifts for your seasonal work celebrations, making sure that you and your team can fully enjoy yourselves.