Are you the Right Fit? Qualities that Gig Workers Look for in Businesses

Looking for Temp Gig Workers? Here’s What you Need to Know

Most temp gig workers that are in the current workforce are millennials. And when it comes to the businesses that they work with, millennials know exactly what they want. This generation of workers are career-driven, passionate and hard-working. Yet, they also want to make sure that any prospective business owners that they work for will have the qualities and values that they admire most.

When you are looking for temp gig workers to fill on-demand job opportunities in the hospitality industry, you must keep these qualities in mind and ensure that your business portrays them. Doing so could mean the difference between finding the perfect gig workers to fit with your team or not finding any at all.

Top Qualities a Hospitality Business Should Have

Workers in all industries have evolved in terms of what they look for in a role and how they like to be interacted with in the work environment. Long gone are the days in which workers are solely focused on what they can do for a business. Rather, today one of the biggest priorities for millennial workers is what a business can do for them. With the gig economy in full force, these workers have no shortage of temporary job opportunities to choose from. Competition is fierce. That is why it is important to adopt the top qualities that all hospitality businesses should have.


Millennial gig workers look for businesses that offer a supportive work environment. These individuals are very driven in terms of career progression so want to work for a business that will help them along their way. Additionally, temporary workers want a business owner who can provide honest and constructive feedback. While they appreciate receiving feedback on how they can improve, they put more value in managers that also show them that they’re appreciated.


A great work culture is very important for the gig workers of today. Not only do they want to be supported in their career progression, but they also want to be included and supported by their team. Gig workers are attracted to businesses that openly create an inclusive sense of community for their team members. So, as a business owner, it is important that you make sure both your temporary workers and permanent team members have a great sense of community and that you treat each worker the same.


Temporary shift workers want to work in an environment that is engaging and exciting. Business owners should be capable of keeping their team members motivated on a continuous basis. Whether that is through building a great connection with them or giving meaning and purpose to their roles. Millennial workers enjoy being part of a team in a business that is actively engaging and has a business owner that puts an effort into keeping their team motivated and happy.


Authenticity is a quality highly valued by gig workers. This not only refers to your business but also you as a business owner. These shift workers enjoy working alongside a group of team members for a business that they appreciate and fits in with their own morals and values. As these individuals are influenced by businesses that fit in with their own objectives, both from a professional and personal perspective, it is important that your business strives for being truly authentic rather than solely just perfection.

Hear from Hyr’s Gig Workers

At Hyr, we appreciate and thank the Pro’s who pick up shifts with our platform, after every shift!  We know how important it is for businesses to connect with great workers, but more important, we ensure they feel part of a community to ensure they feel supported, included and engaged.  Hear from them yourself on the best part of being a gig worker:


I’ve been working in the hospitality industry for a few years now and picking up temp shifts through Hyr is a great way for me to not only build connections, but learn personal techniques from the cities top chefs!

Filippe Cruz


Hyr has given me the opportunity to work with great companies and teams that I may not have had the opportunity to otherwise. Through my experience with Hyr I have also been able to strengthen my skills and because of that I’ve had other doors open up. Whether it be with other Hyr members or the employees that I’m working alongside, they always have been great and I genuinely enjoy my time with them. Hyr is great whether you are just looking for extra cash or if you are looking for your next opportunity, the options are endless.

Natasha Harvey


Delighting your Temp Gig Workers

Although it is important to make sure that any prospective team members you bring on board will have the right qualities for the role, you need to make sure that your business also has great qualities that gig workers will enjoy. If you are looking for more tips on how to hire and support gig and shift workers, our community team is here to help! Get in touch at