On-Demand Staffing: How you Can Fill your Temp Jobs

What Is On-Demand Staffing?

We are living in an on-demand economy. Whether it’s wanting a certain food delivered – now – connecting with a driver to get us where we need to go, or even on-demand medical advice,

there is very little that we can now not achieve through the touch of a button on our smartphone. The same applies to team members for your business. On-demand staffing has been evolving in recent years and refers to the capability for business owners to be connected easily and efficiently with prospective shift workers in order to fill a temp job, or even a shift, opening. In the growing gig economy, there are an ever growing number of gig workers and business owners alike who now rely on this form of connection. With the gig economy continuing to expand each year, it is beneficial for businesses to stay up to date with new methods of connecting with workers, especially when it comes to looking for temporary workers. Be it the hospitality or retail industry, ensuring that your job opportunities are on-demand will help you when evolving your talent pool.

A New Way to Fill Your Temp Roles

On-demand staffing certainly is the new way of hiring for many businesses in the United States and worldwide. The technology that allows this to happen has been designed to connect a  business owner instantly to a pool of qualified prospective temp workers in a convenient and simplified way. Business owners know that there will be unpredictable situations in which they will have to find a fast hire. Whether that is due to a permanent team member being ill or calling off, vacation coverage or seasonality demands. Traditional hiring processes don’t offer a business the opportunity to be connected instantly.  The opportunities that this new form of hiring provides businesses is endless. Not only will you be connected with driven, qualified temp workers quickly, but it also means that there will be no downtime for your business in the process.


Hyr is perfect for filling in the gaps when regular staff are away, or if there’s an unusually busy period at your business. I’ve always booked professional, friendly staff who have been great additions to my regular team. The process of posting shifts and choosing candidates is quick and intuitive.”

Shannon Refvik, The Jam Factory


Best Ways to Adapt your existing Hiring Process

In order to embrace on-demand staffing, you may have to adapt your current hiring processes and be open to a new way of thinking when it comes to staffing.  The idea of “skill-sharing” is one that we tout at Hyr. It’s the thought that the gig or shift workers that you’ll find on a platform like Hyr is already skilled and trained, and they are “sharing” their skill with your business for a limited period.  Whether that be a shift, a few shifts, or for a seasonal role.

Pair down your Onboarding

The onboarding process can one of the most crucial aspects of welcoming a new worker to your business. Yet, it can also be time-consuming. When you are looking for a temporary worker, time constraints will most likely not allow you to onboard your temp worker the same way you would a permanent one.  Think about the most important part of your onboarding process – a simple one, making sure they know what’s your best practice for greeting customers, and where the bathroom is – then pair it down to a 15-30 minute “must know.” Then when you schedule your first temp shift, have that worker come in early so you can set them up for success.  

Embrace Digital Tools

As the world becomes more digitalized, so will how businesses connect with workers. It is important as part of improving your hiring processes that you adopt and embrace new digital tools. Digital tools such as apps have changed the way that business owners search for new team members. These apps offer easy to use interfaces which makes finding your next shift workers simplified and uncomplicated. With features such as smart-notifications, the capability to post new shifts within minutes and accepting applications with the swipe of a finger it can really take the stress out of hiring. Additionally, this can be done from the palm of your hand. So, whether you are in work, commuting or even sitting at home on the sofa you can always make sure that your shifts are filled.  

Adopt Real-Time Conversations

An essential part of adapting your hiring process for on-demand staffing is real-time communications. Communicating over email can be time-consuming and often leads to applicants getting lost in your inbox. By having real-time conversations this won’t happen. Most digital tools created for the on-demand staffing economy offer features that allow you to message a potential shift worker immediately. This is much more efficient in terms of time and helps you stay in contact with prospective workers in real-time.

Why Hiring Apps Work for Temp Jobs

Hiring apps are designed to help you fill your temp job openings effectively. The nature of many of these hiring apps allows you to quickly ensure that a shift is covered within days if not even minutes. The capabilities that these apps provide mean that you can quickly post a new shift as soon as you know that you need it covered. Once this is done, you are able to scroll through a talent pool of qualified and reliable applicants that are interested in your shift. Due to the convenience and accountability that these apps offer, it is a guaranteed way for you to find great workers to fill your temp jobs.

Fill Your On-Demand Temp Jobs Now

Making sure that your hiring processes are up to date and relevant in the on-demand economy is very important. By streamlining how you look for potential workers, embracing digital tools and adopting real-time conversations it will be easy for your fill your on-demand temp jobs quickly and efficiently.

If you would like more information about how you can fill your temp jobs efficiently, get in contact with us today.