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Not Availing of Shift Workers? Maybe You Should Be!

How to Tell if Temporary Workers is Right for Your Business

If your business experiences some issues during different seasonal periods or when members of your team go on vacation, then it may be an indication that you would benefit from hiring temporary workers. Many businesses often have misconceptions when it comes to taking on temporary or shift workers, however, these should not sway your decision. There are many benefits that a company can gain from adding shift and temporary workers to their work roster. With the gig economy in full swing, it is becoming more common for businesses, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors, to get extra cover from shift workers throughout the working year. If you have decided that temporary workers would be right for your business but are still unsure of the advantages, keeping reading this article.

Advantages of Hiring Shift Workers

Who doesn’t appreciate gaining an extra helping hand especially during a busy period? Taking extra shift workers onboard will certainly offer you some extra benefits. Not only will they support you during seasonal periods such as New Years but they also have proven to benefit your entire team. Below, we mention the top advantages that a shift worker can offer to a business when hired.

Seasonal Shift Pick Up

If you work in the retail industry then you will understand that at some times during the year you will need very little support. While at others, you will need a much larger team to help you tackle the increase in workload. This is where temporary workers are very beneficial. These individuals can be hired to help your business navigate busy periods, especially during the summer and winter months. It is normal for many businesses staffing needs to fluctuate and by taking on shift workers you can be sure that this won’t be an issue. For those permanent members of your team, it will also mean that they can continue working the same schedule they are used to without having to sacrifice any vacation days.

Reduces Overhead Costs

Taking on new workers can be costly and this can certainly be seen as a downside for business owners. However, this is not the case with temporary shift workers. A business who hires a temporary shift worker can actually benefit from cost reductions. As these individuals are only temporary, a business doesn’t have to offer them expenses such as vacation time, health insurance or sick day pay. Unlike a permanent member of your team, temporary workers are required only to be paid an hourly wage without expecting any extra long-term financial commitments.

Benefits Your Permanent Workers

Shift workers also have the ability to support your permanent team members meaning that they are at less of a risk of becoming overworked. When a worker feels that they have been overworked, they become less productive and very unhappy. This feeling can then seep through into the tasks they complete as part of their job profile opening up more opportunity for mistakes to happen. By having extra help on hand through hiring temporary shift workers, you can ensure that your team is getting all the support that it needs. It will also make sure that your business will be able to cope with increased workload without any of your team members experiencing burnout.

Hire Specialized Skills

It is also not uncommon for your business to need support for short-term projects that require specialized skills. If your current team members are missing out on particular skills and there is a skills gap, it can be more advantageous to your business to hire a temporary worker with those skills rather than training existing workers. This can not only make sure that you save on training costs but will ensure that the particular job profile is carried out correctly by a specialized temporary worker.

Looking for Temporary Shift Workers? A Hiring App Can Help

If you are convinced that temporary shift workers are right for your business but are unsure of where to find them, don’t fret. Many business owners are now turning towards the help of their smartphones to help them find the perfect shift workers. Hiring apps have certainly become the future for many looking to get the extra cover that they need. These apps are known for being convenient, easy to use and allows you to find vetted and accountable people to add to your team. If you are currently looking for some shift workers, why not try out a hiring app today by posting a shift!