Three Ways to Engage and Motivate your Temp Shift Workers

Why Motivation is Key to Happy Shift Workers

We all need motivation in our lives to keep us energized, productive and in good spirits. Without it, tasks can feel menial and productivity levels are guaranteed to be low. All members of your team, whether full-time or temp shift workers, need to be kept engaged and motivated on a regular basis. It is important as a business owner to invest in your workers and make sure that they are happy within their roles. If shift workers are not committed and invested in their role and your business, then you certainly won’t have happy workers on your hands.

Keeping your Temp Workers Engaged

There are many business owners who fail to ensure that their temp workers are committed to their roles. Oftentimes, we put more focus on permanent team members and forget to invest in the engagement of our shift workers. Many individuals who work shifts are part of the gig economy and are looking for a business that will support their career progression and help them gain valuable skills. To keep your temp shift workers engaged, you will need to do three things: provide them with a solid structure, build a connection with them and most of all, value and respect them.

Provide Structure

All workers need to feel that they have context and meaning in their roles. If a shift worker feels that they have a purpose in a business, it will make sure that they stay motivated to reach their goals and complete their tasks. As we have mentioned previously, people working in the gig economy are driven by ambition and if a role doesn’t meet their expectations they are more willing to leave. That is why providing them with a meaningful structure when it comes to the role that they do is vital. This will make them feel valued and will encourage them to stay proactive.

Build a Connection

Just like how every business wants to be known for having a good relationship with their customers, the same goes for your team members. Make sure that all of your shift workers feel like part of the crew by fostering a great sense of community in the workplace. Having a good relationship with your temp workers will keep them feeling positive and productive building a stronger sense of commitment. We are all sociable beings that crave a sense of belonging in all aspects of our life. If this is felt in the work environment, it not only drives productivity but will also result in happy workers.

Respect your Team

Finally, the members of your team all want to feel valued and respected in their roles. This means both permanent and temp shift workers alike. It is important that you let your shift workers know how much you value the work that they do and any opinions that they may have. When a worker feels respected by their boss, they are more willing to show their strengths and go above and beyond to perform at their best. Consider offering them a way to track their progress and congratulate them on tasks well done. This will not only provide them with an incentive to stay engaged and motivated at work but will also make them feel like a valued member of the team.

Fostering Engagement Among your Shift Workers

We all like to believe that any workers we hire on to our team will immediately give their roles everything that they got. However, sometimes it requires efforts on the business owners to make sure that their shift workers continue to stay engaged and motivated in their roles. By investing time and effort into ensuring all your temp workers are happy and feel appreciated in their roles you can ensure that productivity levels will continue to stay high.

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