5 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Temporary Workers

On The Hunt For Temporary Workers?

Hiring temporary workers is extremely beneficial for many businesses in all industries. However, not every business is conducting the search correctly. Oftentimes, when a business is looking to hire a shift worker or temporary staff it is due to the fact that their business is growing and they need extra coverage.

Top 5 Biggest Hiring Mistakes That Employers Should Avoid

Hiring a temporary worker should always be treated in the same respect as you would hiring more permanent staff. In order to do this, you need to ensure that you are carrying out all the right steps. If you are currently on the hunt for temporary workers to help add to your team, make sure that you avoid the top mistakes and pitfalls that many businesses have encountered during the hiring process.

Vetting The Prospective Worker

Not vetting potential temp workers correctly could be setting your business up for a not so ideal hiring experience. For example, if you are using Hyr, make sure to take a look at the workers work history and ratings.  You want to ensure that when the worker arrives they can hit the ground running. Vetting them based on where they worked previously, or how many year’s experience they have, is a big piece of that puzzle.

Matching your Posting Requirement with the Right Candidate

Make sure that the specifications for your job profile are clear and that you use a core value assessment when hiring temporary workers. For example, if you are looking for a host with OpenTable or Resy knowledge, make sure to add that in the posting of your shift.  These individuals will need to be able to carry out all tasks involved in the job profile professionally and blend well with your existing team. So, by making sure that they have the right qualities and experience to fit with your business, you can be sure that you made the right hire.

Skipping The Proper Training  

Not training your temporary staff workers correctly is another mistake that you should avoid. Providing a quick training to temporary staff is key. With the correct on-site training, you can be assured that temporary staff workers and shift workers will be able to work in a productive and timely manner without any hesitation or confusion. Otherwise, you could potentially face disruption in terms of staff and business performance.

Undervaluing Temporary Staff

Your shift workers and temporary staff are just as important to the running of your business as permanent team members. It is important not to make the mistake of undervaluing the benefits that hiring temporary staff provides. Make sure to make your shift workers and temp staff feel appreciated and valued. Doing so will not only make them more productive but will also push them to go above and beyond their job responsibilities. These workers are a valuable part of your team and that should always be recognized.

Have You Considered A Hiring App?

Are you currently looking to expand your team but are worried the hiring process will take too long? Maybe a hiring app is the right option for you. There are many beneficial reasons as to why using apps when hiring temporary staff workers will help you find the best team. Not only are they convenient to use but they also make sure that every candidate is vetted and accountable. Hiring temp staff through an app will ensure you are getting reputable candidates through a trusted source, letting you make no mistakes along the way.