Millennial Temp Staff: Creating A Positive Work Environment They Will Enjoy

Millennial temp staff know what they want when it comes to employment and are ambitiously driven to only settle for a workplace that is right for them. In this article, we discuss what it is that millennials look for in employment and how employers can create a positive work environment for them, especially in the changing gig economy.

The Changing Job Market

There is no doubt about it, the current job market is certainly changing and it’s all down to the career and work preferences of millennials. The gig economy has risen dramatically in recent years and has created a whole new level of work flexibility. All industries have been adapting to individuals in this worker category but none so more than the hospitality and retail sectors. It is estimated that by 2025, over 75% of the workforce will be in freelance and shift-based roles. Employers are now questioning what are the right ways for connecting with these kinds of workers, and what exactly it is that they are looking for in employment.

What Temp Staff Are Looking For In Employment?

Millennial temp staff are likely to have on average 7.8 different positions between the ages of 18 and 30, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. Although this is a larger figure in comparison to previous generations, it is not a signifier that millennials are unaware of what they wish to achieve during their career progression. In reality, it shows that they are open to more a flexible work life and wish to gain as much valuable insight from different employers as they can. Ambition is one of the core driving forces of this generation especially when it comes to developing their skills and career.

Even though millennials working gig shifts or temporary positions have a higher chance of moving on to another position, they still expect to gain the same level of support and guidance from an employer as permanent staff would. Many millennial temp staff are looking for a positive work culture where there are good co-worker relationships, a supportive coaching style management and valuable skills to be gained. The human element is particularly important for millennials. Many individuals in this workforce almost view their colleagues as their family so having a working environment that supports this is particularly important.

These workers are seeking employment that is going to not only help them make a significant difference in terms of their career development but also in terms of their community and environment. Many millennials are driven to work in an environment that supports their values and passions. These individuals are ambitious, driven and know exactly what they want when it comes to employment.

Creating A Place Where They Want To Work

So, how can you ensure that these workers will be happy working for you? First and most importantly, you must create a place where they want to work and a culture that will help them achieve their desired goals. Below are our top tips for helping your business achieve this.

Supportive Leadership

Millennial workers are looking for a manager that will be a mentor to them and someone who will actively support and show an interest in their success. These individuals are known for being very proactive in the workplace and will forthcomingly share their ideas and solutions. In return, they want a management and leadership style that is supportive, encouraging and direct. So, when incorporating a supportive leadership style in your workplace ensure that you are direct in what you expect of these team members and what tasks you would like them to achieve. These workers will not sit back silently but instead, want to work alongside a supportive leader to achieve a mutual goal for the business.

Positive Relationships

As we mentioned above, millennial temp staff enjoy being in a work environment that has great co-worker relationships. Being in a sociable, fun and positive workplace culture is a top priority for these workers. Fostering positive relationships among your staff is extremely important and will certainly add to the enjoyment of the workplace. Consider holding an appreciation event just for your team or doing fun activities together such as going bowling or having a meal together. This will help to create a positive work environment and will also allow your team to get to know each other outside of the restaurant or store.


With the gig economy comes a major shift away from traditional, rigid working hours. Millennial workers are not drawn to positions that require them to sit in an office all day but rather want work flexibility that will help them achieve a good work/life balance. That is why freelance roles and shift gigs are becoming highly popular. As an employer, you must be open to offering these individuals a flexible schedule and keep an honest open dialogue with them in regards to what this flexibility means both to you and to them. A lot of workers will often work multiple gigs at the same time so it important to keep this in mind when creating a work schedule for your team.

Opportunity To Gain Valuable Skills

Most importantly of all, in order to create a positive working environment that millennials will enjoy you must give them the opportunity to gain valuable skills. These workers are looking to achieve milestones in their career progression and by ensuring that they learn the skills that they need while a part of your team will add to their satisfaction in the role. Millennials are hard workers who are open to trying new challenges so make sure that you allow them to gain as much learning experience and insight from the position as you can.

The Best Way To Connect With Millennial Temp Staff

Millennial temp staff are goal driven and tech-savvy individuals. Finding these workers is one thing but keeping them happy is another. The best way that you can connect with individuals in the gig economy is by ensuring that you are listening to their concerns and aspirations, be direct with what you expect from them and provide them with valuable insight that will help them to achieve their career goals. So, whether you connected with them on a hiring app or through a recommendation, create a positive work environment that your millennial workers will enjoy.