Top Mistakes To Avoid When Managing Millennial Workers

Managing Millennial Gig Workers: Keeping Them Happy

Millennials are now the most populous generation in today’s workforce. So, as a business owner, you will need to learn the best way to manage them. Many non -millennial business owners believe that it is up to millennials to adapt to their way of doing business – fact is, work is changing.

In order to ensure that your millennial gig workers stay happy, it is important that you make the effort to understand them. The world keeps changing and so does the talent landscape. In order for your hospitality or retail business succeed with these workers, you need to understand what motivates millennial workers and avoid common managerial mistakes.

Avoid These Common Management Mistakes

Millennial workers want to work for a business that supports, encourages and values them. As the shallow labor pool and opportunities in the gig economy offer workers many choices for employment, it is important to delight these workers.  If managerial mistakes happen, these individuals can be quick to leave and find another ‘gig’ that is more suitable for their personal needs. Below, we list the main mistakes that you need to avoid when managing these workers:

  • Failure to create a positive environment,
  • Failure to motivate millennial workers,
  • Not investing in efficient training,
  • Not offering flexible shift schedules.

Failure to Create A Positive Environment

As a business owner, one of your top managerial priorities should be creating a positive environment for your team. Millennial workers look to work for a business that fosters a meaningful work culture. When they feel that a workplace environment is positive and helps them to reach their desired goals, they will be much more engaged in their role.

When a business fails to create a positive environment like this, low productivity levels can occur and it is not uncommon for a millennial worker to look elsewhere for work. These workers want to work in an environment that allows them to feel that they are working for a bigger purpose than themselves.  If you are not doing this as a manager, your millennial gig workers may leave.

Failure to Motivate Millennial Workers

Millennial gig workers have great career aspirations and are driven to improve and learn new skills in the workplace. These individuals appreciate when business owners and managers motivate them and provide them with honest feedback. Motivation is key to keeping these team members happiness levels and morale high.

Failure to motivate gig workers will result in job dissatisfaction. As millennials enjoy being challenged and having opportunities to learn, without managerial motivation they will not progress as well as they should.

Not Investing in Efficient Training

Another mistake you must avoid when managing millennial workers is not investing in efficient training. These members of your team look for opportunities to progress in their career and perform well in their role.

Whether a temporary shift worker or permanent, you need to take time to coach and train your team well. With supportive training and mentoring, your team members will stay engaged, productive and happy.

Not Offering Flexible Shift Schedules

Millennials working in the gig economy value flexibility especially when it comes to shift schedules. It is important to remember that these workers may have a number of ‘gig’ jobs at the one time. That is why you need to collaborate with these team members when shift planning.

Fostering a flexible work environment will keep your workers both motivated and engaged. If you need workers to be more committed in terms of their availability to cover shift demands, be clear about this from the beginning.  

The Importance of Nurturing your Millennial Workers

Millennial workers are a delight to have on your team. As long as you are managing and nurturing them correctly, there is no reason that they won’t bring your business success. All business owners need to play their part in keeping their team members happy. By avoiding common managerial mistakes, you can ensure that your millennial gig workers will stay productive and satisfied.

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