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Embracing the Wellness Trend: Making Sure Your Prospective Temp Workers Are Happy

The employee wellness trend is well acknowledged among the gig economy and business owners need to pay attention. This article will discuss why it is important for business owners to ensure that their workers and prospective temp workers will be happy and how it can affect the hiring process. This is not only from a work schedule and benefits perspective but also a mental health one.

The Importance of Wellness In The Gig Economy

Workers in the gig economy are becoming more focused on looking for businesses that promote a healthy work environment especially in terms of mental health. Many temporary gig workers look for a workplace that will not only allow them to progress in their careers but will also support them in all areas of their work life.

It’s no secret that workers who are happy will be more productive, motivated and willing to work on tasks outside of their job profile. These individuals feel fulfilled when leaving the workplace at the end of the day and enjoy the fact that they knowingly contributed to the success of your business. On the other hand, if a worker is unhappy in a role this can translate into the work that they do and can have negative consequences on your business, especially in the hospitality and retail sectors. As these gig workers are driven to find workplaces that promote wellness, it is important that business owners portray this through the hiring process and in their workplaces.

Happy and Healthy Temp Workers: The Benefits

In recent times, there has been a growing awareness of mental health especially when it comes to the workplace environment. Many people often don’t realize the impact that their working lives can have on their overall wellbeing. As your team represents your business and interact with customers on a daily basis, if they are not happy this can have major consequences. As an owner, it is important that you are conscious of your team’s wellness levels and consider ways that you can promote role happiness among your team.

The benefits that your business will receive from having happy and healthy temp workers are hard to ignore. Not only are you guaranteed a team that will be highly productive and reliable, but you are also guaranteed a positive workplace environment. When someone is happy in their role, it shines through every task that they carry out. They are more attentive in their day to day role, more willing to be innovative and volunteer for extra tasks and as a result, customer satisfaction levels will rise. You will also notice that the dynamic between will your team will be positive, supportive and encouraging. With this in mind, there is no reason why the employee wellness trend should not be a vital part of each of your business processes.

Hiring with Wellness In Mind

Just as you would ensure that each of your current team members is happy, it is important that your hiring processes keep wellness in mind also. As gig economy workers are looking to ensure that business owners are making a conscious effort to ensure that their staff is happy in their roles, it is important that this is portrayed while you are hiring.

Encouraging Self-Reflection

Ensuring that prospective temporary workers have the ability to self-reflect on their skills and abilities will provide you with insight into how you can support them further in their role. For example, if a prospective temp worker explains that they feel one of their weaknesses is shyness, you can then use this knowledge to help them improve their skills and encourage them in overcoming this weakness. If a potential hire displays all the right qualities, job crafting may be an option which will help you make sure that they are fully comfortable in the role. Using the example above, if you know that a particular worker has shyness issues you can start them off in a non-customer facing role until they have built up more confidence.

Promoting Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is an important trait for workers to have especially when it comes to identifying their wellness levels. During the hiring process, it is important that you encourage potential team members to share experiences and stories where they can actively display the ability to be self-aware. This not only proves to you that they are aware of their own shortcomings and areas they need to work on. It will also show prospective hires that this is an important trait that you look for in your team members.

Creating A Positive Space for Prospective Temp Workers

The most common thing that can lead workers to feel unhappy or burnt out in their roles is working in an environment that doesn’t openly welcome conversation around personal satisfaction in a role. When a workplace doesn’t feel like a space of positivity and encouragement, it can harm the wellness levels of your team. That is why creating a positive workspace is vital. Even for those individuals who may only be working shifts or filling in temporarily in a role, being welcomed into a positive workspace can help to boost morale and productiveness. Make sure to foster a sense of collaboration and support among your permanent and temporary workers. By knowing that there are others in the work environment that will help and support them in their tasks can be very beneficial for prospective temp workers especially in the beginning. It is also important that you encourage your workers to communicate honestly with you in regards to their happiness in the role and for you to be clear with them in terms of your expectations. By doing this, you will help a prospective temp worker to feel that their opinions will be both listened to and supported creating a happy environment to work in.

Employers: Fully Embracing the Wellness Trend

The wellness trend is here to stay and for employers, that means ensuring their workspace is positive, encouraging and promotes the wellness of those working there. For those in the hospitality and retail sectors, it is important that you incorporate wellness in every part of your business process. From the hiring process, onboarding and every day running of your business. Today’s millennial workers want to be involved with a business that promotes happiness and wellbeing in a role. If your business can do this, then you will have no problem hiring happy and healthy temp workers.