Making Your Job Posting Stand Out From The Crowd: A How-To Guide

Not Just Another Profile Description

Just like how employers can get a little fed up by reading the same resume layout over and over again, the same applies to workers. There is a lot of competition out there at the moment especially with the gig economy in full swing. Attracting the attention of temporary staff and workers isn’t as easy as it used to be. Have you ever found that after posting about an upcoming position for your restaurant or retail store that it can take a long time before you get a bite from an applicant? If the answer is yes, then maybe it is time to rethink how you are presenting and writing your profile descriptions. Not really sure where to start? Don’t fret, our how-to guide below will help you start engaging with the right workers.

How To Make Your Post More Appealing

Individuals who are working temporary gigs or shift work positions are looking for a profile description that will excite them and make them say “I want to work for that business.” Employers can often forget that it is not only them that gets a say on who will fill their available position. The prospective worker decides this long before the employer even knows about them. And what does this all come down to? The profile description of your available position.

Below, we talk through the do’s and don’ts of writing a profile description and how you can make it stand out from the crowd of work listings.

Lose The Buzzwords

First and foremost, it is important to lose the buzzwords. Many employers often go down the route of including buzzwords such as ‘guru’, ‘ninja’ or ‘rock star’ to try and attract the attention of prospective temp staff. If this is part of your culture as a business and it is the image that your business portrays, by all means, include it as part of your job posting profile.

However, if you are looking for a ‘cocktail making wizard’ when in reality the title of the position is bartender, don’t over complicate things. Remember that many prospective workers when searching using the Internet or a hiring app are looking for gigs by using words that are related to the position. Although, it might seem that buzzwords would help your profile stand out from the crowd it could just cause it not to be seen at all.

Details, Details, Details

Oftentimes, where employers go wrong is that they don’t include enough detail in the job posting description. Many prospective temp workers especially those in the gig economy know exactly what they want to achieve in terms of skill and knowledge from a position. If your profile description isn’t detailed enough for them, they may decide that it is not the right choice for them. Make sure that you are very clear and precise about the skills that you are looking for, the responsibilities of the position, what a day in the position may look like, how much experience the candidate needs to have and how they can get in contact with you. When you are writing your profile description, you want to ensure that you leave a prospective candidate is feeling fully clear and confident without the need to ask further questions in regards to both the position itself and your business.

What Can You Do For Them

When workers are searching for a potential position, they aren’t just looking to see what they can do for your business but also what to know what you can do for them. Working for a business is a two-way interaction and benefits should be received by both parties. So, it is important to make sure that you include the valuable insights and skills that they will gain or the company benefits that they will receive. A job posting description must entice a prospective worker and listing how the position will benefit them for the future can achieve this.

Talk About The Future

Many workers today, especially millennials are interested in hearing where an employer wants their business to go and not where the business has already been. So, talk about the future of your business and what your goals are. Let prospective workers how they will fit into this and the role that they will play in helping you achieve your business goals. Although temp staff may not be with the business for a long period of time, they still like to know what contribution they will be making and look for a job posting that shows the business has drive and ambition.

Change Your Recruiting Style: Attracting Temp Staff

If you are having trouble attracting temporary staff or workers, it could just be down to the job posting profile that you are currently using. Sometimes, by simply changing how you write your profile description and being aware of the details that you provide can impact the number of application responses greatly. So, next time you are posting a profile description for your next opening just remember to be clear, talk about the future, tell them what you can do for them and lastly, forget the buzzwords!