Hiring In The Gig Economy? Top Things You Need To Know

Working On Demand: The Rise Of The Gig Economy

The landscape of the modern workforce has shifted and more people are joining the gig economy each day. Workers are now choosing to pursue multiple job roles by combining shift work, freelancing and taking on part-time shifts in order to achieve the perfect work-life balance. Yet, what does this mean for employers in the hospitality and retail industries? Temporary work has always existed but the way these workers look for jobs has changed.

Top Things To Keep In Mind When Hiring Gig Workers

With gig workers looking for on-demand work, the processes in which employers connect with these individuals are changing. Below, are the top four considerations that hospitality and retail employees must keep in mind when hiring staff in this workforce category.

Be Specific In Your Descriptions

Be exact and to the point when posting descriptions for the gig or shift you need. Gig workers are looking for a gig that will fit into their schedule and states clearly what needs to be achieved. If you are hiring for a bartender or seasonal retail staff, make sure that the description clearly explains what you expect them to deliver in the given time period. If they need to have previous experience with a particular skill, let them know that. If you provide training on the job, put a note in the gig profile. These individuals know that the position is only going to be temporary, and are more than likely working other jobs, so will be looking for a description that catches their eye and is straightforward.

Improve The Onboarding Process

Streamlining your onboarding process may be necessary when hiring in the gig economy. If you train staff on site but that training takes weeks to accomplish, this may not be ideal for a more temporary position. Putting a system in place that will allow you to strip out any unnecessary training will make sure that your prospective worker is used productively from the get-go.

Maintain Open Conversations

Make it easy for gig workers to know exactly when you are going to need them. By maintaining open conversations with potential staff, you can be transparent about the expectations that you have of them in terms of work schedule and they can keep you informed of any other working commitments they may have.

Leverage Technology

Taking advantage of technology when hiring in the gig economy is going to be your friend. Hiring apps and websites make it much easier to source and screen potential gig workers while also putting your gig description front and centre where workers are present. Long gone are the days of traditional job postings in a local newspaper. Conducting your listing and hiring process for the ease of your phone will make hiring gig workers much easier.

Finding The Right Gig Workers For You

Hiring in the gig economy doesn’t have to be complicated once you have the right processes in place. As the workforce changes, so must the ways in which you attract these kinds of workers. By making gig descriptions more specific, being clearer and more transparent about what you wish them to achieve and using technology to reach them where they are gig hunting then you will have no problems finding the right workers for your business.