Welcoming Gig Workers: How your Business Can Benefit

Gig Workers: Filling On-Demand Positions

The gig economy is exploding. That fact is hard to ignore. Yet, many business owners are still unsure as to what benefits this new working economy can offer. If you are still on the fence, this article discusses how businesses can benefit from hiring gig workers on to their team.

According to Forbes, up to 50% of the workforce will be made of up of freelancers, contractors and gig workers by next year. With the needs of these workers changing, so will the positions that they look for. Many gig economy workers look for positions that are immediately available. On-demand temp positions provide these shift workers with the flexibility and career opportunities that they seek. To have more control over their shift work schedule and careers is a driving force for them. That is why on-demand positions are becoming an increasingly popular choice among these workers.

Yet, some businesses still don’t understand the value that these workers can bring. With on-demand becoming the new norm, it may be time to see how you can avail of the gig economy.

How to know whether Gig Workers are right for your Business

Plenty of businesses can avail of hiring gig workers on to their team. This is especially true for those in the hospitality, retail and start-up industries. If you often come up against challenges due to seasonal trends, staff shortages or increased demand then on-demand workers are for you. Still not convinced? Let us explain further.

Most business owners have core team members. Yet, if one of those workers becomes ill, is taking time off, or a seasonal period rolls around it can be hard to fill your schedule. Especially without risking overworked or unhappy team members. This is where a gig worker comes in. These workers can cover temporary shifts so you can fill any shift, at any time. And without you having to commit to bringing another permanent worker on board “just in case”.

Gig workers can easily pick up a number of shifts that you need cover seamlessly and without hassle. So, by embracing the gig economy you always have access to a pool of skilled individuals who can help you immediately. If your business is in an industry that deals with high customer demand and shift planning, then gig workers may be the right choice for your business.


Experience the Benefits of the Gig Economy

Covering shifts isn’t the only benefit that the gig economy offers. On-demand shift workers have numerous competencies and attributes that drive success for business owners. Gig workers are driven by passion, determination and go above and beyond to make your customers happy.

Availing of the gig economy will offer your business the following benefits:

  • Great customer engagements,
  • Higher productivity levels,
  • Reduced hiring times,
  • Saving on costs.

Great Customer Engagements

Customers want to receive a personalized customer experience when at your restaurant, or visiting your store. When customer demands rise, having flexible workers can make sure your business always puts the customer experience first. The gig economy provides your business with temporary workers that will support your business in all tasks. Including great customer support. So, whether you have a surge in business that you need some extra hands for, a special event, or are having an in-store sale, you will know that your customers will always be satisfied.

Higher Productivity Levels

Hiring gig workers allow your business to benefit from dedicated and skilled individuals that can focus on specific tasks for your business. For example, if your restaurant needs bartending support, you can hire an individual who is specifically skilled in mixing cocktails. Or an extra host or coat check that can support your team with a night when you know you’ll be slammed.

Having dedicated workers on your team that can focus on performing certain tasks will increase productivity levels. It also means that you won’t have to spend time training your permanent team members on tasks that aren’t included in their normal duties.

Reduced Hiring Times

The gig economy also offers businesses reduced hiring times. Individuals working in this segment of the workforce look for a quicker time around when taking on new gigs. That is why many businesses benefit from reduced times in filling shift roles.

This is especially beneficial when you need a back-up worker quickly. If your permanent team members are ill or on vacation, hiring in the gig economy gives you instant access to a talent pool of skilled workers.

Save on Costs

One of the biggest advantages that gig workers offer your business is cost savings. The gig economy gives a business owner the opportunity to hire temporary workers without the financial pressure of onboarding them, providing benefits and insurance or payroll taxes.

How the Gig Economy is Saving Businesses

In a highly competitive market, gig workers have been providing businesses with access to highly skilled workers in an effective and timely manner. The gig economy opens us to the ability of hiring passionate and career driven individuals without the overhead costs.

Many hospitality or retail businesses who find themselves needing back-up workers can now turn to a talent pool that is flexible, motivated and committed. In times of staff shortage, availing of gig workers can mean everything for your business.

Is your Business Ready for Gig Workers?

Making sure your business is ready for gig workers is now or never. This segment of the workforce is showing no signs of slowing down. So grab your chance!

One of the first things that you can do to welcome gig workers is to use a mobile app when hiring. Hyr’s simplified app allows you to easily find the perfect workers for your business. Connect with them in real-time and assess whether they are the right fit from the palm of your hand.

Interested in learning more about how Hyr can help you find the perfect gig worker? Get in contact with us today!