The State of Retail: How Gig Workers Benefit Brick and Mortar

The State of Retail: How Gig Workers Benefit Brick and Mortar

The biggest retail industry trend set to dramatically shift the way managers run their stores is the expansion of the gig economy.

Retailers can benefit immensely from this retail revolution. Having a blend of gig workers and full-time staff working in a store provides managers with mobility to supercharge in-store sales.

The revolution has already started. Gig workers and freelancers represent 35% of the US population, with some projections suggesting it will be over 50% by 2027.

Retailers who incorporate gig workers into their business model now will be well ahead of the competition. This post looks at some of the crucial retail trends to adopt in 2019 and explores how utilizing gig workers facilitate their execution in stores.


3 Critical Retail Industry Trends for 2019


1. A Large Focus on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Millennials and Gen Z are shopping more with their emotions.

They are acutely aware of the many global problems facing the world and want to feel like their purchases are easing them. Brands that aren’t currently emphasizing their role in shaping a better world will start to lag behind.

This focus on CSR and Sustainability is an important factor in maintaining an enthusiastic workforce as well. With this current generation of young workers, it’s not enough to foster a tight team dynamic but also to make them feel a part of something larger than themselves.


2. Providing a Seamless and Engaging Shopping Experience

Making retail shopping a memorable experience is key to getting consumers into a store instead of shopping online.

A focus on consistent branding across all touchpoints is a big part of the consumer experience. In this way, consumers will feel as if they are an active participant in your ethos when they visit your store.

Your branding needs to be seamless from the web to the store, and not just visually. You need to train your employees well to live and breathe your brand values and be perceived as knowledgeable.


3. More Investment in Employee Training

In an age where consumers can do all their shopping at home, the human experience matters more than ever.

The best way to attract shoppers to your store will be to train your staff to help shoppers feel at ease and confident about their purchase.

Front-line staff are no longer just salespeople, they must be seen as brand ambassadors. By training your salespeople to better relate to customers and talk them through a purchase you are investing in customer loyalty.


How Gig Work Facilitates Providing Stellar Customer Experience

While it hasn’t been adopted widely by retail yet, the massive expansion of the gig economy will soon affect how retailers will think about their staff. More and more workers are looking for flexibility in their work, and many young people and retirees alike make a living exclusively off of on-demand employment.

Gig workers aren’t just a valuable solution to cover shifts. They can benefit your business in ways you might not have considered.

Instead of spending time on interviews and in-depth hiring procedures for full-time staff, on-demand worker companies handle all taxes, payroll and insurance. This is particularly time-saving when seasonal holiday work is coming down the pipe.

But more, these companies have attracted the younger generation of workers – the ones that you want acting as your brand ambassadors.


The On-Demand Retail Workforce: Keeping You Ahead of The Competition

If you haven’t incorporated gig workers into your retail model, now is the time to start. You will be well ahead of the curve if you prepare now to accommodate the massive expansion of the gig economy in the years to come.

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