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The Top 5 Qualities To Look For In Seasonal Hospitality Staff

Hiring Seasonal Hospitality Staff?

The holiday season is just around the corner and for the hospitality and retail sector, this undoubtedly means an influx of visitors and diners. While this is very much welcomed, it also brings with it an increased workload. Hiring seasonal staff is a necessity for many hotels, retail businesses and restaurants during this time of the year but finding the right holiday staff can be quite stressful. If you are struggling to find seasonal staff that you can rely on, then this article is for you.

Top 5 Qualities To Look For In Holiday Workers

Holiday staff should be able to blend in with your business and permanent employees seamlessly to make sure the seasonal period goes as smoothly as possible. Oftentimes, when hiring for temporary workers around the holidays it is not possible to go through a lengthy hiring process. You may only have a matter of days to find additional staff. So, the best way to ensure that seasonal hospitality staff is right for you is to look for out for these top qualities.


Any temporary workers, especially seasonal ones, need to be enthusiastic. Without enthusiasm, you can guarantee that productivity levels will be low which in turn will affect both the running of the business, workflow and customer satisfaction. The holiday season is a happy and positive period so your prospective seasonal staff need to epitomize this. When hiring temporary staff make sure to notice whether they have that sense of drive, commitment and excitement that you are looking for.


If your seasonal staff is not reliable, then forget about it. Punctuality and responsibility, especially around the holiday period, is vital for your workflow. You don’t want to lose out on valuable time or even worse, valuable customers because of unreliable temp staff.

Hiring an individual that you can knowingly put your trust in for seasonal shifts is essential. Make sure to choose a prospective worker based on their ability to complete assigned tasks and their time-keeping records. Remember, you need to trust these temp workers to help you run your business smoothly so if something doesn’t feel right, trust your gut.


The reality is that seasonal hospitality staff may need to be called in at short notice, so someone who is flexible is a great bonus. Unforeseen events can happen such as a permanent staff member falling ill so you need to be able to rely on temp workers who can fill in for unscheduled shifts. Corporate or holiday-related events may also require your staff to work later shifts and at unusual hours. So taking on a temporary worker who can work to a flexible schedule is a valuable asset in the hospitality industry.

Great Work Ethic

Seasonal hospitality staff who have a great work ethic are an employer’s dream. These individuals will be hard-working, resourceful and aren’t afraid to take on additional tasks if the need arises. Look for individuals who welcome challenges and give 100% effort to all of their tasks. Temporary seasonal workers who prove that they are willing to go the extra mile will always be a good hiring opportunity.


Lastly, look for confidence. This is one of the most important qualities to look for in when hiring temporary hospitality or retail staff. The holiday season can be the busiest and most stressful times for hotels, retail businesses and restaurants, so knowing that you have someone on your team that will work hard and is confident in the tasks that they are carrying out will help you and your permanent staff feel supported during this time.

Finding The Perfect Seasonal Hospitality Staff

Finding the perfect hospitality staff during the seasonal period isn’t impossible once you know exactly what to look for. Oftentimes in the rush to find temporary staff, we can make the wrong judgements or decisions and hire individuals that weren’t the most effective. Hiring your seasonal staff should be treated in the same respect as you would your permanent staff. You just have to make sure that their qualities are right.